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Bureau Services

This is a service offered to consumers with a large connected load of electricity from single or multiple sources, and want to optimise their usage. Consumers who might benefit from this service are HT and LT 3 phase consumers like factories, hotels, commercial establishments, etc.

In Bureau Service a meter with half hourly data logging features and a modem is installed at all power input points, e.g. main supply and DG sets. The meters are polled once every day and daily reports are sent to the consumer by emails. In case the consumer operates in shifts, they can request reports for every shift.

Bureau Service can help in energy conservation.

Our Specialty:

  1. Simplicity (just a meter with modem is required at every power input point)
  2. Daily reports with month-to-date summaries are provided via daily emails
  3. Complicated tariffs can be modelled into the system
  4. Energy drawn together with cost of electricity is computed by considering every aspect of complicated electricity tariffs.
  5. Cost saving potential is also indicated in the reports


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