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Consumer Indexing

This is a service for documenting the assets and consumers for any part or whole of an electrical distribution system. This service is also referred to as Consumer Indexing.

Field surveys are carried out by an experienced team to identify the assets, noting their rating and their electric connectivity in a distribution network. These field surveys can be map based so that the output can be integrated to a GIS system.

Field surveys also cover consumer identification, where consumers are identified by using a combination of walk-through surveys and electrical tracing technology. The electrical tracing technology traces consumers to their source of supply in an infallible manner.

The data surveyed in field is entered into an electrical documentation software(developed in-house), which supports a number of documenting and query features; for example, assign codes to assets like distribution lines, transformers, poles and indexing the consumers as per the coding system set in place by the customer. The deliverable against this service is a soft copy of the file that lists the network and the consumers and a copy of the software.

Specialty of the service
  1. Field surveys are carried out under supervision of an expert.
  2. The source of supply of consumers is established using electrical tracing technology, which helps minimise and in many cases eliminate survey errors
  3. The surveyed data is entered into an electrical documentation software, which allows assets to be assigned codes and for queries to be generated.
  4. Rated electrical parameters are embedded in the software
  5. Soft copies of the document can be viewed in the main software or in a ‘Reader software’. The reader software is a freeware and can be distributed to field engineers thereby making the documentation usable by a large team

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